Beijing Botanical Garden, IOB

        The Beijing Botanical Garden, Institute of  Botany, CAS, was founded in 1956. it is base for researches for conservation of biodiversity and plant germplasm and for their sustainable use in northern China, it also one of the major site for dissemination knowledge on botany. The director is Professor Song Ge, and the deputy director is Professor Liangsheng Wang.

       The Botanical Garden covering 74 Ha with 20.7 Ha of display areas. Among the display areas are the Arboretum, the Perennial Garden, the Rose Garden, the Magnolia and Peony Garden, the Medicinal Herb Garden, the Gymnosperm Section, the Wild Fruit Tree Resources Section, the Environment-Protection Plants Section, the Aquatic and Climbing Plants Garden, the Rare and Endangered Plants Section, the Crape Myrtle Garden, and the Tropical and Subtropical Plant Houses. The Botanical Garden had a collection of nearly 6000 plant species and varieties from home and abroad, which is one of the largest site for ex situ conservation among the botanical gardens in China. Owing to the great achievement in investigation and public education on biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization of wild plant resources, the Beijing Botanical Garden has been awarded numerous titles in recent years by the government, such as"National Science and Technology Education Center for Teenagers", "National Ideology Education Base", "Public Education Base of Beijing City", "Public Education center Haidian District" and "National Forestry Public Education Base" and so on.

    The major research activities of the Garden are:

    1. Plant introduction, ex situ conservation and sustainable utilization;

    2. Basic biological theories and technology for ex situ conservation of endangered and wild plants;

    3. Seed physiology and plant germplasm preservation;

    4. Ornamental horticulture.

    The research fields can be cooperated with:

    1. International seed exchange;

    2. Cooperation on species preservation in botanical gardens, plant collections management and development of digital botanical gardens;

    3. Researches and training on ex situ conservation of rare and endangered plants and cooperation on training for public education;

    4. Ex situ conservation of plant germplasm;

    5. Researches on plant germplasm preservation;

    6. Molecular biological researches on ornamental plants;

    7. Researches on inheritance of fruit quality traits of deciduous fruit trees and breeding of superior new cultivars;

    8. Researches on root metabolism and stress signal transduction.


Beijing Botanical Garden Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 Add: No.20 Nanxincun, Xiangshan, Beijing 100093, China